Usages of two-way geogrids


Usages of two-way geogrids

The appearance of biaxially stretched plastic geogrid is similar to a square network structure. It is a high-strength geotechnical material formed by using polypropylene as the main raw material, extrusion, and then longitudinal and transverse stretching. This material has great tensile strength in both the longitudinal and transverse directions, and is widely used in the reinforcement treatment of soft foundations.

Product Usage:

1. Suitable for subgrade reinforcement and pavement reinforcement of various highways, railways, and airports;

2. Suitable for permanent bearing foundation reinforcement such as large parking lots and wharf freight yards;

3. Suitable for secondary reinforcement of reinforced soil slopes with unidirectional tensile geogrids, further enhancing soil slopes and preventing water and soil loss;

4. Suitable for culvert reinforcement;

5. Suitable for slope protection of railways and highways;

6. Suitable for reinforcement of mines and tunnels;

7. Suitable for livestock breeding dedicated network;

8. Suitable for special nets for cage fish farming.



Post time: Apr-25-2023