• Geosynthetic Nonwoven Composite geomembrane

    Geosynthetic Nonwoven Composite geomembrane

    Made by non woven geotextile and PE/PVC geomembrane. The categories include: geotextile and geomembrane, geomembrane with non woven geotextile on both sides, non woven geotexile with geomembrane on both sides, multi—layer geotextile and geomembrane.

  • geomembrane (waterproof board)

    geomembrane (waterproof board)

    It is made of polyethylene resin and ethylene copolymer as raw materials and adding various additives. It has the characteristics of high anti-seepage coefficient, good chemical stability, aging resistance, plant root resistance, good economic benefits, fast construction speed, environmental protection and non-toxicity.