geonet drain


geonet drain

short description:

Three-dimensional geonet drain (also known as three-dimensional geonet drain, tunnel geo net drain, drainage network): It is a three-dimensional plastic mesh which can bond seepage geotextiles at double sides. It can replace the traditional sand and gravel layers and is mainly used for garbage,drainage of landfills, subgrades and tunnel walls.

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Product Description

Product Specification:
Mesh core thickness is 5mm-8mm, the width is 2-4m, and the length is according to customer needs.
Product Features:
1. Strong drainage performance (equivalent to 1m thick gravel drainage).
2. High tensile strength.
3. Reduce the probability of geotextiles embedded in the mesh core and maintain long-term stable drainage.
4. Long-term withstand high pressure load (can withstand a compressive load of about 3000Ka).
5. Corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and long service life.
6. The construction is convenient, the construction period is shortened, and the cost is reduced.

Application Scenarios

Mainly used in railways, highways, tunnels, municipal engineering, reservoirs, slope protection and other drainage projects with remarkable effect.

Product Parameters

GB T 19470-2004 “Geosynthetics Plastic Goenet” 
CJT 452-2014 “Goenets Drain for Landfills”

Item Indicator
Goenet Drain Composite drainage geonet
Density g/cm3 ≥ 0.939 -
Carbon Black % 2-3 -
Vertical Tensile Strength kN/m ≥ 8.0 ≥ 16.0
Transmissivity(Normal Load 500kPa, hydraulic gradient 0.1)m2/s ≥ 3.0×10-3 ≥ 3.0×10-4
Peel Strength kN /m - ≥ 0.17
Geotextile Unit Weight g/m2 - ≥ 200


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