• geonet drain

    geonet drain

    Three-dimensional geonet drain (also known as three-dimensional geonet drain, tunnel geo net drain, drainage network): It is a three-dimensional plastic mesh which can bond seepage geotextiles at double sides. It can replace the traditional sand and gravel layers and is mainly used for garbage,drainage of landfills, subgrades and tunnel walls.

  • soil and water protection blanket

    soil and water protection blanket

    3D flexible ecological soil and water protection blanket, which is formed by dry drawing of polyamide (PA), can be laid on the slope surface and planted with plants, providing instant and permanent protection for all kinds of slopes, suitable for various environments around the world of soil erosion and horticultural engineering.

  • three dimensional erosion control mat (3D geomat, geomat)

    three dimensional erosion control mat (3D geomat, geomat)

    Three dimensional erosion control mat is a new type of civil engineering material, which is made of thermoplastic resin through extrusion, stretching, composite forming and other processes. It belongs to the reinforcement material of new material technology field in the national high-tech product catalog.