three dimensional erosion control mat (3D geomat, geomat)


three dimensional erosion control mat (3D geomat, geomat)

short description:

Three dimensional erosion control mat is a new type of civil engineering material, which is made of thermoplastic resin through extrusion, stretching, composite forming and other processes. It belongs to the reinforcement material of new material technology field in the national high-tech product catalog.

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Product Description

Product Features:
The three-dimensional loofah-like mesh mat is used, which is loose and flexible in texture, leaving 90% of the space for filling with soil, gravel and fine stones, and plant roots can pass through it, allowing comfortable, neat and balanced growth. The turf makes the mesh mat, turf and soil surface firmly combined, and because the root system of the plant can penetrate 30-40cm below the surface, a solid green composite protective layer is formed.
Product Specification:
Model:EM2, EM3, EM4, EM5, the width is 2m, and the length is according to customer needs.

Application Scenarios

Mainly used for slope protection, landscaping, desert soil consolidation, etc. in the fields of railways, highways, water conservancy, mining, municipal engineering, reservoirs, etc., to effectively prevent soil erosion.

Product Parameters

GB/T 18744-2002 “Geosynthetics-Plastic three dimensional erosion control mat”






Unit Weightg/m2





Thickness mm





Width deviation  m



Length deviation  m



Vertical Tensile Strength   KN/m





Horizontal Tensile Strength  KN/m





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