soil and water protection blanket


soil and water protection blanket

short description:

3D flexible ecological soil and water protection blanket, which is formed by dry drawing of polyamide (PA), can be laid on the slope surface and planted with plants, providing instant and permanent protection for all kinds of slopes, suitable for various environments around the world of soil erosion and horticultural engineering.

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Product Features:
1. Immediateness - When it is laid on the newly constructed project site or in areas with serious soil erosion and vegetation that is not easy to grow, it can immediately protect the soil, prevent soil erosion, and stimulate plant growth.
2. Permanence - permanently reinforced plants to help plants take root better, so that vegetation can withstand higher erosion and erosion.
Product advantages:
1. Strong integrity and erosion resistance - can resist the erosion of 7m/s water flow, protect the stability of slopes, banks and river channels, and prevent soil erosion.
2. Strong flexibility and economical application - flexible slope structure, strong resistance to surface deformation, no need to break up mountains and gravel, more environmentally friendly and save natural resources.
3. Strong water permeability and natural ecology - more than 95% porosity, rich 3D open structure, and open ecological platform can create a microenvironment that is more conducive to plant growth.
4. Good quality and long life - acid and alkali corrosion resistance, UV resistance and aging resistance, can be used in water source projects, non-toxic and pollution-free, and long effective time to meet the needs of various engineering designs
5. Simple and easy construction and maintenance - simple and convenient construction, no maintenance costs.
6. High greening rate of ecological environment protection - no artificial traces, the greening rate is 100%, and a three-dimensional landscape belt can be designed to meet human's hydrophilic requirements.

Application Scenarios

Mainly used for slope protection, landscaping, desert soil consolidation, etc. in the fields of railways, highways, water conservancy, mining, municipal engineering, reservoirs, etc., to effectively prevent soil erosion.

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